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Positions have been filled

25th February 2018

Many thanks to all that applied to our recent advertised positions in "Office Administration".  We received many applications that were of a very good standard.  For the ones that missed out an email advising this was sent out from our office recently. If you did not receive this email (computer glitches!), apologies.  Again thanks  to everyone and hope that you fulfil your career wishes.

Casual Administration Positions

16th January 2018

Two (2) new jobs are available right now at our office in Wollongong.

For details and application process please go to SEEK https://www.seek.com.au/ and enter: "Joseph Solano" in the "What" box.

Basically, there are 2 jobs on offer and both are in the area of "Office Administration & Reception":

  1. JUNIOR position that requires very little experience and would suit someone currently studing in financial areas. This would involve 2 to 3 days work per week but the hours are flexible and every effort will be made to accomodate suitable persons.  

  2. SENIOR position requires a bit more background, experience and maturity. Likely to be 3 to 4 days work per week and may lead to a full time position for the right person. It would suit someone that wants flexibility or anyone not looking for a full time job.

  3. BOTH vacancies are viewed as permanent but noting that both will have the normal probation periods and  both will apply "casual Award rates" as per the Clerks—Private Sector Award  as a minimum.

Applications close on 31 January but selection process may start before then.

We are back .....

16th January 2018

We are back in business ...

Today is our first official day back from holidays!  Hope everyone had a nice break and without too many hiccups!

Start of new year always means new ideas and fresh start to things.  This can include new business ideas, investments and perhaps a new approach to way of doing chores. 

If we can be of any help please give us a call 02 42287148.  No...we dont have easy answers to moving house , changing jobs or investing in tech stocks to name a few but we  may be able to give some direction to your new year ideas!

Are You a Company Director?

13th July 2015

Better brush up on your responsibilities.

As though business owners and principals don't already have enough on their minds, the words "slowing economy" are being heard around the barbecue again - just to add to the list of excuses for not sleeping well at night.

Company directors especially need to keep in mind that the Corporations Act holds directors personally liable for many of the legal and financial obligations expected from a company.

As anyone running a business knows, commercial decisions must be made, and many times these decisions involve some degree of risk. While the distinction between entrepreneurial freedom and delinquent corporate behaviour will be clear cut for most company directors, there are nevertheless circumstances where these lines can blur, resulting in sometimes substantial (and sometimes unexpected) personal exposure.