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  • For some time now, Joe from Joseph Solano CPA Accountants, has provided me with great advice on my business. Joe has been instrumental in setting up a business structure that is giving me positive results and peace of mind. Joe sits down with me to cover all aspects of tax matters including cash flow for investments and business loans. From his workings and advice I am able to keep things moving forward.- Mick Pepper

  • In my restaurant businesses  in Wollongong, the team at Joseph Solano CPA Accountants have  given me good advice on how to best set-up my business.  Joe takes the worry out of the tax and financial needs of my business.  He is always helping me when I look at making changes. It is important to have someone like Joe’s team  to look after the side of the business that is important but I do not have the time to look at. I need to do what I do best, set up and run a good restaurant.- P. Crocamo, Terra Mia

  • I have many business ventures and I can  rely on Joe and his team look after my business & tax needs on a regular basis.  His team looks after all of the compliance work and then spends time reviewing my financial . I have used his firm for a number of years and am happy with the service he and his team provide.- John Svynos (Ferrochem Group)