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Your Knowledge March 2020

17th March 2020

Empty restaurants and retail stores were one of the first signs of the devastating impact the coronavirus on Australian business. Within a few months, the virus, now called COVID-19, has gone from being a largely unknown medical condition to one that threatens to impair Australian and global economic growth. We explore the impact on business and the importance of planning for setbacks beyond your control.
Whether it is the coronavirus, fire or flood, the fact is if you are in business long enough you will almost certainly have to deal with an external impact on your business – bushfires, drought, GFC, SARS, 9/11, we’ve seen a few.

The key is to react but not overreact.

Business Continuity planning is essential & protecting your workplace and customers. Click here to read this months Newsletter Your Knowledge March 2020 .pdf to find out more important information to protect your business.